In terms of bathroom renovations, some property owners tend to commit some mistakes. As a result, it can affect your purpose to upgrade your bathroom into a more user-friendly and effective space. For that, it’s important to know what are these mistakes so that you can avoid them in the future. Here are some of them: 

Dull Lighting 

One of the most typical bathroom setups includes attractive light fixtures that flank a mirror. If you want to achieve this, make sure to take note of the actual light that is glistening through your chic light fixture because having the wrong lighting may give off intense shadows as you look yourself in the mirror. 

Pay attention to the positioning of your sconce and the size of your vanity. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of your light fixtures with your chosen home design expert to know whether they are the right ones to use.  

Inappropriate Materials 

The selection of material plays a major role in terms of remodeling a bathroom. This bathroom remodel mistake isn’t about the bathroom trends that you should prevent using, but rather the materials used that just are not appropriate for a bathroom.  

Keep in mind that high moisture levels and quick temperature changes need certain materials. Discuss and collaborate with your trusted design and bathroom remodel Stamford expert to select materials that will not lead to mildewed or warped bathroom.  

Poor or Improper Ventilation 

Failing to prevent this mistake on a bathroom remodel can cause you to experience another mistake sooner or later because of potential mold development and too much moisture. For that, it’s important to have an appropriately-sized exhaust fan. If the bathroom lacks proper ventilation, you are enclosing the humidity within, promoting the possible development of mildew and mold.   

Improper Layout and Spacing 

Bathrooms that solely prioritize aesthetics instead of their function are the worst bathroom designs. This bathroom remodels mistake can lead to functional nightmares and building code problems. Hence, it’s important to maintain proper layout and spacing and be mindful of these elements, particularly when you are moving plumbing fixtures or breaking down walls. Think about how far or close every element is from another.  

Your Plan is Unclear  

Yes, it’s fine to dream big as you meet and discuss with an expert design team for the first time. However, when this big dream won’t translate into a clear and feasible plan, you can expect to fail. In this case, it can cause you to spend more stress, time, and money while trying to finish your project.   

Underestimating Your Budget 

Perhaps you have discovered the typical bathroom remodel mistakes, and they prompted a consideration or a component that you had never thought of. In that sense, it’s only natural to get unexpected costs that could pile up to correct such mistakes. Because of that, it would be best if you stay honest about your budget as you start the remodeling process. It’s vital to know that your baseline as your discussions will go forward. That way, you can do the needed adjustments in advance.