What Should You Avoid When Finishing A Basement? 

If you’re planning to do some basement remodel Stamford, you need to be mindful of the following mistakes. The basement finishing mistakes listed below should be avoided at all costs to prevent damaging your home while securing your financial investment.   

Never Neglect Moisture Problems 

Before you begin doing a basement finishing project, each square inch of the walls must be inspected and diagnosed for signs of leaks and cracks. You’ll need to fix any structural issues with the foundation wells before you decide to cover them up. Moreover, you’ll also have to fix any water leaks as soon as possible before it gets even worse.  

When the waterproofing seal on the outside is broken and the crack of your foundation wall keeps on moving, there’s a great possibility that water can infiltrate your basement. If you have finished the basement wall, this could be disastrous. Remember that leak may go unnoticed for a span of time, which can lead to damaging some materials within your lower level and potentially cause mold.  

Inappropriate Flooring Options 

Now that flooring comes in so many types, it can be challenging to determine which floor type would be ideal for your new basement. As you select basement flooring, the most important thing would be to consider and imagine what will happen when the basement has a problem with flooding or pooling water. Take note that the basement is already more humid and moister compared to the rest of your house. Hence, it’s crucial to choose the right material that’s intended for this type of environment.  

Fiberglass Insulation Can Become Dingy 

Fiberglass insulation can get dingy and moldy due to the cold air. At times, moist air would leak into your basement and precipitates. With the area’s food sources (like fiberglass insulation and wood) and this condensation, mold could develop very fast. To help resolve this issue, you may ask your trusted basement remodel contractor to take out the fiberglass insulation of your basement and install an Integrity Wall.  

Prevent Wood Studs  

When wooden materials are mixed into the basement’s moist environment, they can start growing mold, warping, and rotting. Your basement wall’s wood studs are not intended to deal with the humid air and moist. Working with products intended for basements like metal studs will decrease the chance of having water damage and mold issues.  

Be Cautious of Poor Floor Plans and Design 

Knowing what kind of areas that you want your basement to have is one thing, but knowing where to position them all is another story. There’s nothing worse than consuming and using up your money and time to finish your basement only to wind up being choppy with a poor floor design and plan. Spend some time to consider which areas would you want to be included in your lower level. After determining them, consult your plans with a home designer to help you know the best layout for your new home. A basement with a good design and floor plan can make an area feel more usable and larger.  


Factors that Affect the Roof Repair Cost 

A weakened or deteriorating roof potentially poses risk factors to your house that could compromise your property’s structural integrity. Such risks may include increased cooling and heating costs, insect or rodent infestation, mold damage, mildew growth, etc. If you want to prevent your home from encountering such issues, make sure to hire a reputable roofing contractor Stamford who can professionally diagnose and give you accurate estimates for your roof repair cost. While each state of disrepair and roof varies, there are a few common factors that can affect the cost required for your roof repair. Here are some of them: 

Chimneys and Skylights 

Distinct rooftop elements like chimneys and skylights can increase a roofing repair job’s cost. Wherever there is a chimney or skylight, the roofer must meticulously work around them and add sealing materials that could increase the materials and labor expenses. These spots, where structures bind as one, are more susceptible to leaks if incorrectly installed. This can also result in a roof leak repair cost in the future.  

Required Permits 

Based on the scope of your roof repair job, you might be required to get a permit. Remember that such repair prices can differ. So, it would be best if you ask your trusted roofing contractor whether a permit will be required for the job repair you want. In most states, a permit will only be required if you’re planning for a roof replacement. 

Roof Size 

The scope of your roof repair project will be one of the major aspects that can affect your flat roof repair cost, roof shingle repair cost, leak repair cost, or others. Since roofing materials are commonly sold per piece, instead of per square foot, a larger roof would need more, and therefore cost more. When your roof size and repair needed is massive, it would be more cost-effective if you consider getting a roof replacement.   

Pitch, shape, and slope 

Some of the factors that decide a roof repair cost include pitch and slope. For instance, when your roofing is extremely steep, the roofing contractor is expected to spend special materials, more attention, and time to guarantee that it’s correctly done. An extremely steep roof would also need additional safety precautions to make sure that all contractors working with you are safe. These can special measures can increase the time for repairing your roof, hence, increasing the roof repair cost as well.  

When your roof has a distinct shape, it may make roof repairs even more time-consuming and harder to do. Because of that, it only makes sense that the cost will be increased. Also, when your house is surrounded by trees, or tightly wedged or clustered in between houses, it would require more time and equipment to reach the roof while the workers should transfer equipment and materials up and down.   

Type of Roof 

The costs of roofing materials greatly vary depending on the roof type, and other rooftops need more material and labor. While asphalt shingles may be the cheapest roofing material, slate shingles may be more expensive.  


Common Mistakes to Avoid in Renovating Your Bathroom 

In terms of bathroom renovations, some property owners tend to commit some mistakes. As a result, it can affect your purpose to upgrade your bathroom into a more user-friendly and effective space. For that, it’s important to know what are these mistakes so that you can avoid them in the future. Here are some of them: 

Dull Lighting 

One of the most typical bathroom setups includes attractive light fixtures that flank a mirror. If you want to achieve this, make sure to take note of the actual light that is glistening through your chic light fixture because having the wrong lighting may give off intense shadows as you look yourself in the mirror. 

Pay attention to the positioning of your sconce and the size of your vanity. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of your light fixtures with your chosen home design expert to know whether they are the right ones to use.  

Inappropriate Materials 

The selection of material plays a major role in terms of remodeling a bathroom. This bathroom remodel mistake isn’t about the bathroom trends that you should prevent using, but rather the materials used that just are not appropriate for a bathroom.  

Keep in mind that high moisture levels and quick temperature changes need certain materials. Discuss and collaborate with your trusted design and bathroom remodel Stamford expert to select materials that will not lead to mildewed or warped bathroom.  

Poor or Improper Ventilation 

Failing to prevent this mistake on a bathroom remodel can cause you to experience another mistake sooner or later because of potential mold development and too much moisture. For that, it’s important to have an appropriately-sized exhaust fan. If the bathroom lacks proper ventilation, you are enclosing the humidity within, promoting the possible development of mildew and mold.   

Improper Layout and Spacing 

Bathrooms that solely prioritize aesthetics instead of their function are the worst bathroom designs. This bathroom remodels mistake can lead to functional nightmares and building code problems. Hence, it’s important to maintain proper layout and spacing and be mindful of these elements, particularly when you are moving plumbing fixtures or breaking down walls. Think about how far or close every element is from another.  

Your Plan is Unclear  

Yes, it’s fine to dream big as you meet and discuss with an expert design team for the first time. However, when this big dream won’t translate into a clear and feasible plan, you can expect to fail. In this case, it can cause you to spend more stress, time, and money while trying to finish your project.   

Underestimating Your Budget 

Perhaps you have discovered the typical bathroom remodel mistakes, and they prompted a consideration or a component that you had never thought of. In that sense, it’s only natural to get unexpected costs that could pile up to correct such mistakes. Because of that, it would be best if you stay honest about your budget as you start the remodeling process. It’s vital to know that your baseline as your discussions will go forward. That way, you can do the needed adjustments in advance.  


Mold That Can Exist in Your Air Ducts 

When it comes to the overall maintenance of houses, the issue of mold is one of the bigger issues that homeowners tend to encounter. Aside from being hidden in plain sight, they’re extremely hazardous for any person living in these areas. Due to mold’s nature, it can be difficult to spot at the start. It’s something that grows over time if left ignored.  

Mold is known to grow in dark and damp places in general. That is why you can typically find them inside your air ducts. Due to the nature of AC units, it’s very easy for mold to rapidly grow.  

Today, we’re going to share with you the most common molds that can grow inside your air ducts. If you don’t want these things to grow in your air ducts, regular air duct cleaning Stamford can help. 


One of the most common forms of mold that you can find inside your air duct is ulocladium. However, they’re a lot rarer compared to the other forms that exist. This type of mold is typically seen developing in the corners of kitchens and bathrooms. They appear like a layered black substance. Also, ulocladium is one of the most difficult forms of mold to eliminate. Thus, you might have to hire an expert.  


This is one form of mold that can only develop in areas that are consistently moist or wet. Because of this, you can usually find them inside air ducts. This form of mold has an appearance the same as spores. They can rapidly multiply as well. Thus, this leaves an extremely persistent risk in your house.  


This type of mold is one of the most popular ones that you can find inside your house. They usually look like a black substance. They also rapidly spread over time. This form of mold is extremely easy to notice. However, they’re still extremely toxic. Thus, you might have to get rid of them as soon as possible.  


One of the most commonly occurring forms of mold is Mucor. You can easily find them inside air ducts and AC units. You have to treat this mold as soon as you notice them since they hold a possible threat to anyone living inside your house.  


This is another form of mold that tends to primarily develop on walls and other areas that have been damaged by water. So, if any water has damaged your air ducts, you should expect to see this type of mold inside them.  


This form of mold looks like a brown substance. The texture looks cotton. Over time, the color of this mold changes. Thus, it is extremely difficult to identify or distinguish them. Usually, you can see this mold on walls. However, they can also appear inside your air duct 


This is one of the most difficult molds to identify. The reason for this is that it has various forms. Aspergillus can appear in various colors. Typically, you can see them in yellow, white, or green color.  

Is Your Basement Dangerous? 

Your home may or may not have a basement. Typically, this varies on where you are located in the United States.  A room under a house that’s extremely convenient for storage is known as basement. However, most homeowners nowadays use their basement as a place to do laundry or work on things. They can finish their basement as well into an excellent home extension. Often, they use it as a record room or home theater.  

Basements are more popular in the Northern parts of the US. Unfortunately, you can be exposed to dangers and risks in your basement if you’re in an old house or a new one that may have moisture or leaks. Luckily, these issues can be fixed with the help of a basement waterproofing Fairfield company. 


There are all forms of risks if your basement constantly floods. You can have dampness that will keep things wet. You can have damage to your belongings and walls. You can have electrical shots. This constant flooding can also make mildew, pests, softness, and rot more common. Taking care of minor leaks before they cause a major flood is an ideal way to prevent this type of problem. 

Foundation That is Collapsing  

It’s a major risk if you notice that your basement walls are bowing. At any time, a wall that is bowing or damaged can collapse. This places your whole home in anger since the basement walls support your home. It’s risky to be around your family. You should hire a basement waterproofing company that offers foundation repair services if you’ve got bowing basement walls. 

Black Mold 

Any type of mold is not appealing. They can damage your property and belongings. Unfortunately, black mold is extremely toxic to humans. That is why they are hazardous for a family living in a house with it. Sometimes, you can find black mold out in the open. Aside from that, they can also be behind ceilings or walls. This is particularly true if those areas are wet. You should hire an expert to inspect it if you aren’t sure about mildew or mold.  


Insects are pests. Once you find them in your basement, they can attract other insects. You can lower the pests in your home if you keep your basement dry. Obviously, you do not want carpenter ants to eat the support beams of your home. You also do not want to have a lot of spiders nesting in the walls. You can easily lower these risks if you get rid of the food sources for these pests. Lowering the moisture inside the basement also helps. If you see a lot of insects in your basement, make sure you hire a professional exterminator.  

Rotting Beams 

It can result in the warping of walls and wood beams if you’ve got moisture in the basement. It can even result in rotting wood over time if the wood is getting wet enough. Though this might not be a problem in the short term, it can cause significant risk to your property in the long run.