When it comes to the overall maintenance of houses, the issue of mold is one of the bigger issues that homeowners tend to encounter. Aside from being hidden in plain sight, they’re extremely hazardous for any person living in these areas. Due to mold’s nature, it can be difficult to spot at the start. It’s something that grows over time if left ignored.  

Mold is known to grow in dark and damp places in general. That is why you can typically find them inside your air ducts. Due to the nature of AC units, it’s very easy for mold to rapidly grow.  

Today, we’re going to share with you the most common molds that can grow inside your air ducts. If you don’t want these things to grow in your air ducts, regular air duct cleaning Stamford can help. 


One of the most common forms of mold that you can find inside your air duct is ulocladium. However, they’re a lot rarer compared to the other forms that exist. This type of mold is typically seen developing in the corners of kitchens and bathrooms. They appear like a layered black substance. Also, ulocladium is one of the most difficult forms of mold to eliminate. Thus, you might have to hire an expert.  


This is one form of mold that can only develop in areas that are consistently moist or wet. Because of this, you can usually find them inside air ducts. This form of mold has an appearance the same as spores. They can rapidly multiply as well. Thus, this leaves an extremely persistent risk in your house.  


This type of mold is one of the most popular ones that you can find inside your house. They usually look like a black substance. They also rapidly spread over time. This form of mold is extremely easy to notice. However, they’re still extremely toxic. Thus, you might have to get rid of them as soon as possible.  


One of the most commonly occurring forms of mold is Mucor. You can easily find them inside air ducts and AC units. You have to treat this mold as soon as you notice them since they hold a possible threat to anyone living inside your house.  


This is another form of mold that tends to primarily develop on walls and other areas that have been damaged by water. So, if any water has damaged your air ducts, you should expect to see this type of mold inside them.  


This form of mold looks like a brown substance. The texture looks cotton. Over time, the color of this mold changes. Thus, it is extremely difficult to identify or distinguish them. Usually, you can see this mold on walls. However, they can also appear inside your air duct 


This is one of the most difficult molds to identify. The reason for this is that it has various forms. Aspergillus can appear in various colors. Typically, you can see them in yellow, white, or green color.