Mahee Island Golf Club

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The Kiln   1st & 10th

The Kiln
1SI 13Par 4332 Yds SI 14
SI 12Par 4321 Yds SI 11
10SI 14Par 4332 Yds SI 14
SI 11Par 4332 Yds SI 11
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Pro's Tip
A hole of 332 yards with Strandford Lough providing the out of bounds on the right hand side of the hole. A well positioned tee shot is essential to allow the player to attack the green. The ideal line is directly over the 2 large trees visible from the tee. This will allow the player to play from a flat lie and be in a better position to approach the green. Tee shots favouring the hill on the left side of the hole mean than more care is required on the approach to the green.