Is Your Basement Dangerous? 

Your home may or may not have a basement. Typically, this varies on where you are located in the United States.  A room under a house that’s extremely convenient for storage is known as basement. However, most homeowners nowadays use their basement as a place to do laundry or work on things. They can finish their basement as well into an excellent home extension. Often, they use it as a record room or home theater.  

Basements are more popular in the Northern parts of the US. Unfortunately, you can be exposed to dangers and risks in your basement if you’re in an old house or a new one that may have moisture or leaks. Luckily, these issues can be fixed with the help of a basement waterproofing Fairfield company. 


There are all forms of risks if your basement constantly floods. You can have dampness that will keep things wet. You can have damage to your belongings and walls. You can have electrical shots. This constant flooding can also make mildew, pests, softness, and rot more common. Taking care of minor leaks before they cause a major flood is an ideal way to prevent this type of problem. 

Foundation That is Collapsing  

It’s a major risk if you notice that your basement walls are bowing. At any time, a wall that is bowing or damaged can collapse. This places your whole home in anger since the basement walls support your home. It’s risky to be around your family. You should hire a basement waterproofing company that offers foundation repair services if you’ve got bowing basement walls. 

Black Mold 

Any type of mold is not appealing. They can damage your property and belongings. Unfortunately, black mold is extremely toxic to humans. That is why they are hazardous for a family living in a house with it. Sometimes, you can find black mold out in the open. Aside from that, they can also be behind ceilings or walls. This is particularly true if those areas are wet. You should hire an expert to inspect it if you aren’t sure about mildew or mold.  


Insects are pests. Once you find them in your basement, they can attract other insects. You can lower the pests in your home if you keep your basement dry. Obviously, you do not want carpenter ants to eat the support beams of your home. You also do not want to have a lot of spiders nesting in the walls. You can easily lower these risks if you get rid of the food sources for these pests. Lowering the moisture inside the basement also helps. If you see a lot of insects in your basement, make sure you hire a professional exterminator.  

Rotting Beams 

It can result in the warping of walls and wood beams if you’ve got moisture in the basement. It can even result in rotting wood over time if the wood is getting wet enough. Though this might not be a problem in the short term, it can cause significant risk to your property in the long run.