Mahee Island Golf Club

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OUT OF THE MISTS OF TIMEWhen St. Patrick was first brought to Ireland, he was sold to Milchu who lived near Slemish. Milchu had a daughter called Bronach who married Colman of Derrykeighan and came to live near Downpatrick. They had a son named Mochaoi, pronounced Maughee. In the Autumn of 432AD Patrick met Maughee, then a youth of 14 or 15 years. Upon learning who Maughee was, Patrick baptised him, gave him certain “Holy Relics” and arranged that he be educated at Templepatrick. Then in 450AD Maughee, now a Bishop, established a monastery sited on one of the nine small hills that make up the island, which he named Nendrum, “nene” in Irish meaning nine and” drum” a small hill. Island Maughee was named after the Bishop, who died on the 23rd of June in 496AD. Many years later when Irish place names became anglicised the pronunciation was altered to” Mahee ”thus Mahee Island came into being.